He said. She said. He’s dead.

Nicole Long is one failed breathalyzer away from unemployment. The lawyer’s future was promising when she first joined the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office. Then Nicole’s demons caught up with her in the form of a bourbon habit. Her boss has offered one last chance at redemption. Nicole only has to do two things: stay sober and win her first murder case.

Lulu Mueller’s dream man is turning into a nightmare. Despite warnings from friends and family, she started an affair with her older, married boss. What began as a dream relationship is becoming something entirely different. Is Richard Sinclair guilty of love-bombing, gaslighting, and manipulation or is he her one twin flame?

Casey Cort is defending her first murder suspect, but her client Juliana Clarke is taking her constitutional right to remain silent seriously. How can Casey mount a battered woman syndrome defense when Juliana won’t spill the dark secrets of her decades-long marriage?

Abused is the next installment in the high-stakes Casey Cort Legal Thriller Series. If you like strong women, gripping crime investigation, and stories ripped from the headlines, you’ll love Aime Austin’s page-turning fiction.

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