A cold case is not a closed case.

Being the heir of the most powerful family in the state of Ohio and one of the most eligible bachelors in the tri-county area is harder than it looks. Tom Brody’s most important job is not prosecuting major crimes in Cuyahoga County, but upholding his family name. When the mastermind ofthe crime of the decade finally comes to light, Tom is torn between his duty to the law and the secrets he needs to keep.

Casey Cort is back at the defense table. In her first trial since her return to criminal law, she comes up against her former fiancé. Tom is as corrupt as she remembers, but she’s still keeping his confidences. Because if Casey takes Tom Brody down, her client goes with him…

Contained is the next installment in the high stakes Casey Cort legal thriller series. If you like strong women, explosive secrets, and stories ripped from the headlines, you’ll love Aime Austin’s page-turning tale.