A Time to Thrill
Episode 35: A Time to Thrill – Conversation with Aime Austin – featuring Pamela DuMond

This month I have a great talk with USA Today bestselling author Pamela DuMond. Pamela has had the most varied career. From ‘discovering’ Erin Brockovich to writing for storytelling game apps, she’d done a lot.

You can find Pamela:
Website: pameladumond.com
FB: facebook.com/PamelaDuMondAuthor
IG: instagram.com/pameladumond.storyteller
BookBub: bookbub.com/pamela-dumond

Show Notes & books we discuss:
Erin Brockovich
Tom’s River by Dan Fagin
A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr
Poisoned by Aime Austin
Dissent: A Charity Romance Anthology
Tracy McMillan (relationship expert, author, and television writer)
The Courtesan series by Pamela DuMond
On Writing by Stephen King
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
The Writer’s Journey by Chris Vogler
Save the Cat by Blake Snyder
White Lotus (created by Mike White)
Chapters by Crazy Maple Studios
Storyloom by Pixelberry