A Time to Thrill
A Time to Thrill
Episode 41: A Time to Thrill – Conversation with Aime Austin – featuring Christine Cunningham Ashworth

Christine Cunningham AshworthChristine Cunningham Ashworth is a genre author with a unique background. Her father was a very prolific genre author as was her brother Scott before he turned to metaphysical nonfiction. In this episode, we discuss Christine’s latest book, an autobiography of Scott Cunningham, what it was like growing up around authors, and her path from romance and back again.

Let’s chat. I have *so* many questions.

You can find Christine:
: @ashworthchristine
Facebook: AuthorChristineAshworth

Show Notes:
Books & Writings:
The Path Taken by Scott Cunningham
Wear the Pearls by Christine Ashworth (I wrote the forward as Sylvie Fox)
Author Chet Cunningham
Beverly Gray Series
Riddle-Master Series by Patricia McKillip
Pern Series by Anna McCafferty, et al
The Caine Brothers Series
San Diego Book Awards for new writers
Author Tiffany Reisz
The Wishing Game by Meg Shaffer